Adventures on Rock

Climbing Journals


Joshua Tree

Northridge, L.A., Cali.


Welsord- Cheekbone by moonlight

Welsord - Sweet Marie

Welsord - Rock Star and Central Scrutinizer

Saint John - The Third Pillar

Saint John - The Second Pillar

Saint John - Hand drilled bolt

St. Andrews - Greenlaw Mt.

Welsord - Dueling Fools on Cheekbone Corner

Welsord - Minkey Wall

Mispec - boulding heaven and a first ascent

Saint John - Gypsy Camp Bouldering

Saint John - Canaport Bouldering

Cape Breton - Cape Clear

Welsford - Trail maintenance day

Welsford - Fred, Dave and MAX on Upper Tier

Welsford - In Heaven with an Angel

Tucson, AZ - Mt. Lemmon

Albaquerque, New Mexico

Photo Gallery

Granite Planet- first pitch(MAX), pic #2, pic #3

Granite Planet- second pitch(Tom Anderson)

Astro Boy(MAX)

Instant Gratification- second pitch(Ron Daigle)

Whiter Shade of Pale- second pitch(MAX)


Chamcook Boulder(MAX)

Canaport bouldering

Access Denied(Tom)

Rockstar(G-Dog), pic #2

Baby Face(Tom), pic #2, pic #3

Sweet Marie(MAX), pic #2

Central Scrutinizer(MAX), pic #2, pic #3

Gypsy Camp Boulding, pic #2, pic #3, pic #4, pic #5

Welsford walls

Joe's Garage

Cheekbone Corner, pic #2, pic #3

Pooh Corner(Sweet Marie)

Pooh Corner(Grandpa's Demise)

Gallery Wall, pic #2, pic #3

Gallery Wall(with routes marked)

Gallery Wall(Trundling by Moonlight)

My first ascents in Welsford, New Brunswick

Welsford links and info to get a guide book