December 11, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

dear max, hello, i am still in austin, taking care of a paralyzed friend, room and board and salary and much traveling was in san miquel de allende during april, then upstate new york, vermont, long island and nyc (the chelsey hotel) for 2 months, then amsterdam is planned for this coming summer, my oldest daughter had a baby 3 months ago and that makes me (you guessed it) a grand-dad, i had once planned to visit montreal and campout on leonard cohen's porch until he invited me in but it didnt work out that way, things are pretty much the same here, saw richard briefly a few months ago, i heard he was just with anna in canada, well you have a wonderful christmas amigo and keep all that good mojo going, your friend in texas, wayne

Wayne... It's 1:12am, I just came in from playing in the forest across the street. There is a fur tree I climb to the top of... and sit up there on the top. It is one of the tallest trees on the mountain... and up there I can see out over the valley filled with the houses, stores and the highway.... and I can see miles down the coast... and I think about how others live and where I want to go. It was great to have my best bud up there with me tonight. He said that he missed me during the 3 weeks I was touring. He missed having someone he can say anything to, who is open minded and who won't judge. I love him cuz he'll get crazy with me. Today we were jamming in his bed room-- he was playing a new tune on the guitar, and I was drumming on a bongo... and whatever else I could find-- such as shelves and books. This is our life.... it's so fun. We are in our prime... and we know it... and we want to make the most of it.... not being afraid of looking stupid... but just pouring our hearts into acting... making it up as we go along.... but trying to believe in ourselves to the point of convincing others that that is what we are. Sometimes we don't act when we don't get the approval of others. Today, on the path to the Lookout, Tom said, "Let's run through the woods like we are in The Patriot-- in that time period." Lee seemed to think that was silly, and Tom didn't jump into the act until I played along and began running and shouting things to help create the scene. Well... this is becoming a journal and I do have a slide show to do at a school in the morning at 10:30am, so I need sleep.

Tonight I saw the movie "Pay it Forword" and thought it had a great message, so check it out if you have not.

I have presentations to do at schools tues, wed, thur, fri. I stand in front of a lot of people and say what I think. I can say anything I want. I want to leave them with a few keys to a better life. That's is what my show does in general... it teaches what I've learned... but what I am trying to define is what is the most important point I need to get across? There is so much I can say... but what do people really need to hear?

Lookin' for advice,

dear max, so good to hear from you again, you have a tremendous gift for journaling, for telling about what you see and think, what do people need to hear??...good question...i believe that as you present the slide show you will continue to radiate the essence that is you...and each person will be inspired to his own ability according to his own needs and are walking your path in a brilliant way and you have the desire and the willingness to share with others in hopes that they can choose to live their lives more is a god thing max...god always does his part, we just need to do our part, its nebulous and often tricky but i would say that you have it down amigo, please continue to revel in your your prime, and know that in my book you are awesome, your friend, wayne

11am. Slide show at Lakewood School.

3pm. Bouldering... only a 30 second walk from my back door!