November 30, 1997
Northridge, California, USA

Yesterday, I went rock climbing at Stony Point. After bouldering for a few hours, I met two guys, who let me climb with them. They were top-roping, so I fired that route, then convinced them to let me do a lead climb. On the way to do the lead, I met a guy who had his ear stretched around a huge cylindrical shaped bone, four inches around. It was like the wacky stuff I have seen some African tribes wearing on the pages of National Geographic magazine. I took a bunch of photographs. The guy was nice about it. The route I led was a short and slabby 5.8 arete. It was fun, but no spectacular.

After getting back from Stony Point, I loaded the slide projector with slides I just got developed from the Black Canyon trip. These were the first slides I have seen from my travels so far. They turned out great! I can’t wait to see the rest.

Today, I spent most of the day responding to an email from my father, which informed me that the young lady who has been programing my website is now unable to do so, and I will need to figure out another way to manage it. My father has also been editing my journals before they go on the web site, and to my disapproval has been taking out all of the material that might be considered risque’. In my reply I made it clear to him that I wanted my journals to be left as I write them, and that I felt people would respect me for telling the events just as they happened, instead of sugar coating them. The following is my Black Canyon experience. Possiblly the most amazing adventure I have had so far. No sugar added!

Around noon, on Wednesday November 19th, Len, Madeline, and I, headed off for Nevada. It was a five hour drive through the desolate desert, before hitting the glitz and glamor that is Las Vegas. We did not stay in Vegas for long. We just drove down the main strip, then picked-up some gas. Las Vegas is a unique city. It virtually did not exist 60 years ago, and now it is the fastest growing city in North America. Folks are moving there for many reasons. The cost of living is low, there is lots of low skilled work, and theres no state income tax. For supper, we stopped in at a Mexican restaurant, then crashed for the night at a camp ground.