Good Things to Know

"Immediately upon focusing on something other than myself the gloom lifts. Immediately." - Meg in Salt Lake

Read this excerpt from The Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan

Shooting star chart/ shooting stars per minute

January 3rd: 10-50, Quadrantid (Draco) North East
April 21st: 5-25, Lyrid (Lyra) North East
May 4th: 5-20, Eta Aquarid (Aquarius) East
July 27-29th: 10-20, South Delta Aquarid (Aquarius) South East
August 12th: 30-70, Perseid (Perseus) North East
October 20th: 10-30, Orionid (Orion) East
November 16th: 10-20, Leonid (Leo) East
Dec 13th: 30-80, Geminid (Gemimi) East