May 16, 1999
Durango, Sinaloa, Mexico

8:29 am. Temoc is preparing ham and eggs for breakfast.

9:45 pm. Last night, I admired a bracelet Temoc was wearing. He told me he made it and sells them for 25 pesos, then he took it off and put it on my wrist. It’s crafted of silver wire formed into a pattern of linked hoops. In the center are two small painted ceramic beads. I took it off to give it back, and he told me it was a present.

Earlier in the evening, Jesus had asked me to buy a second pitcher of beer, at a cost of 30 pesos - the equivalent of two meals the way I spend money. I didn’t want to drink beer, so I told him I couldn’t afford it. Temoc said he’d pay me back, so I shelled out the dough. Then, when he gave me the bracelet, I told him he didn’t have to pay me back for the beer. His generosity set an excellent example for me. Jesus commented that only petty people make a big deal about sharing. How appropriate for a guy named Jesus to say such a thing!?! [In Mexico, Jesus is is prononced "hay-sus", and is a popular name, however, I’ve yet to met an english speaking person named Jesus.]

12:15 pm. Temoc, 21, and his brother Cuitlahuac, 16, are chilling in front of the tube watching wrestling. It’s the same B.S. as the WWF, except most of the wrestlers here wear masks.

Before crashing last night, Temoc showed me some of his work. He is a very talented sculptor. I bought several pieces of his jewelry: a matching bracelet and earring set with blue cat’s eye, a necklace and earring set with obsidion and a choker for myself - all made with the silver wire similar to the bracelet he gave me.

Temoc’s other brother, Emmanuel, is also a sculptor, currently working on a table designed after the capital of an Ionic column. The piece is commissioned for a local government building. When he was young, his father was killed by a bullet between the eyes. Temoc and his 5 other brothers support the family.

I’ve called Javier a couple of times, but he is not home. The Taekwondo Nationals are taking place near the circus, so I’m going to check that out.

3:39 pm. I just watched an elephant piss like it was Niagra Falls!!! Have you ever seen an elephant piss? It’s amazing!

"Humberto, I wasn’t able to make it back here last night. Did you ask the tax man if he knows my hypnotist friend?"

"No, I forgot," he replied, then blurted out, "My God, look at that!"

I followed his eyes to the ass of a young woman wearing tight pants in line to purchase tickets to the circus. Without further acknowledging my existence, he strolled over to the big-top entrance to size-up her front side.

I guess age doesn’t change what one perceives as beautiful. I can’t speak for females, but most males are animals - like lions - all they want to do is eat and screw.