Jan, 19, 2000
Austin, Texas, USA

9:32pm. Sam is behind me napping on the couch. She was up at 7am getting Jack off to school. Then we drank mugs of herbal tea on the door step, watching sparrows play in the trees, and I shared last night’s vivid dreams of being bitten by ants. She said that it likely had to do with my work-- symbolic of the Ant Nation. Then, we danced on the sun-- the livingroom rug, like at a barn dance, twirl’n and jig’n to Loreena McKennitt-- a Canadian artist, with deep Celtic roots.

I got a bunch of journals ready to update the site with... so that’s my job for today... along with washing the dishes... picking Jack up from school and grocery shopping.

This is an email I sent out yesterday:

George and Jody...

In the sea of Cortez you kindly invited a kayaker on the boat... for conversation, dinner and a couple glasses of wine.

Hi. I have been carrying your business card and thought it was time to leave it behind.

What’s new?

I’m in Austin, Texas, preparing to hitch-hike down to Mazatlan to continue my voyage south to Nicaragua by kayak.

Just thought I’d say hello... and thank you for that evening.



... and got this reply last night:

Dear Max,

It is great to hear from you! We talk about you often to our friends and wonder how your journey is going. We were in La Paz over x-mas and sea kayaked around Espiritu Santo. It was our first venture in sea kayaking and we loved it.

I guess you have had some great adventures since we’ve seen you. We will keep in touch - you probably won’t run into us on a yacht next time - we really aren’t "yachties " anymore and never were. Hope to run into you sea kayaking. Take care of yourself.



What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Believe it or not, because of your suggestion last year we took lots of small trinket toys to La Paz to give to any kids we met. Ended up giving them away under the Christmas tree in town. Never did make it to that restaurant with the little girl and boy, but did leave two of the "best" presents with my aunt and uncle on their sailboat to take to them on their travels in the Sea of Cortez.

We have a wonderful of photo of your silhouette (in hat) and the sunset in the background. Will send a copy to you when you are ready somewhere. You are always welcome in Colorado when you need a Rocky Mountain or Terra Firma fix.