Slide Show Narration: My Universe is Infinite

My universe is infinite. I have experienced only a speck of sand… compared to all that exists—which is an endless beach—like the stars in space.

One cluster of stars, a galaxy known as the Milky Way, contains a planet, a sphere, where a delicate ecosystem exists—precariously balanced on a single chemical concoction: 2 hydrogen atoms… one oxygen. Without this vital compound, life is impossible. So precious… so rare… this planet is the only location life is known to exist.

Beasts inhabit the land, sea, and sky—giant and tiny—most of which are alien to us. One species, labeled "humans", are the dominant predators; they are flesh-eaters, ferocious and often insensitive—happy to kill.

The purpose of life...? Many are uncertain. Some confess to be confused by myths that entangle them in dogma— making one merely a pawn in a cosmic chess match. To unravel this fantastic mystery, I thought it best to journey into the unknown, to seek truth on my own, and to challenge authority. I have nothing to lose. I came into the world with nothing... and will return to the soil, so between these covers in the book of my life, the story is mine to write.

Invisible doors are everywhere, some marked "love" and others "fear." Although time is endless, one’s mission is strictly limited, so time must be wisely divided. Pick a path with heart—one of passion—and you will find satisfaction.

Along the way, others will cross your path. Value these moments to interact. Don’t be afraid to show yourself, for others hold gifts of knowledge and power. You can have what you want, by finding others who want what you have. If you have not received enough, it is likely you have not given enough. Seek what you desire. Fear is an illusion. It is impossible to fail unless you quit.

Your world is only as big as you know. Open your mind by expanding the horizon. Step away from society’s noise and haste. Free yourself from cages of steel, concrete and glass. Go slow, get close, you’ll see more. Go FAR OUT into open spaces to gain a wider perspective.

Sit alone on a mountain-top throne. You may find that entire cities and all their problems become small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Wander with the wind over desert and ocean. You may see that in your reality, all you need to know is yourself. No matter where you are or who you are with, it is your reflection. You are a part of all that is and all is equal. You are important. Everything you do has an effect—setting into motion a chain reaction of cause and effect… cause and effect… cause and effect…. ying and yang… darkness following light…around and around… you are a spoke in the cycle of life—a spinning spiral expanding outward infinitely.

Where is it going? It is my understanding that everything is in motion—in the process of either birth or decay. Nothing stays the same. The moment it is said--"This is the way it is," --everything has changed. The future is now! Now! Now! What happens next is for you to decide.

We are all actors of improv on a global stage, limited only by our imagination. What role will you play? I am looking for action heroes and comedians, brave models and musicians. I seek artisans of all forms, who wish to share their talents and gain new skills. If you want to learn a lot... go where you know nothing!

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