September 6, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada


Christina won the New Brunswick Social Services Youth Volunteer of the Year award she was nominated for by Kristen at the Teen Center. It's a huge honor... and she deserves it!

Yesterday, I was the guest co-host of "A Walk in the Park", Christina's show on UNB campus radio, which she had in mind, "would kinda be like Tom Green."

The studio CD library contains music from thousands of artists-- most of which I've never heard. It reminded me how little I know... compared to all that exists. Most radio stations play the same songs again and again-- "Drops of Jupiter" for example, it's like the movie Ground Hog Day; that song is on the radio every time I'm in car and like deja-vu-- I'm back in the same groove. I can't listen to commercials either; they are too obnoxious. That's why CBC is great; they rarely repeat songs and never broadcast commercials.

On our "Walk in the Park," Christina asked me to tell stories about my travels, so I started with "Heaven and Hell on the Mountain of Death", which lead into me saying that "we are shaped by our environment-- our minds are very impressionable and molded like Silly Putty." Then I played two songs off If I were a Carpenter - a compilation of Carpenter songs by various artists. The first song was "Top of the World," which rejoices life, and brings the listener up... snapping fingers and feeling fine; and the second song was "Rainy days and Mondays" which is sad and slow, which brings the listener down. Listening to music puts me on a roller-coaster of emotions.

I told a couple Mexico stories to go with Beetles songs(All You Need is Love and Eleanor Rigby), then we featured The Great Balancing Act, cuz they are planning to join The FAR OUT School Mexico trip in December and do the documentary sound track.

Hi Cory,

How are you? What's new? here is that quote I was talking about: ( I remember it to be much more earth shattering the first time I read it, but hey...) :-)

Whitman's vision of a world full of Rucksack Wanderers..

"...Dharma Bums refusing to subscribe to the general demand that they consume production, therefore they have to work for the privilege of consuming all that crap that they don't really want anyway, such as refridgerators, TV sets, cars, at least new fancy cars, certain hair oils and deoderants and general junk you always see a week later in the garbage anyway, all of them imprisoned in a system of work, produce, consume, work, produce, consume, I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution, thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up to mountains to pray, making children laugh, and old men glad, making young girls happy and old girls happier, all of 'em Zen lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts that keep giving visions to everybody and to all living creatures..."

Cory , or is it Max ?
I do searches online sometimes to check the progress of nature's inclination to spread the truth , and it looks like you are lucid enough to recognize it . I am most likely the only FIGU member in Texas , the closest other ones being in Oklahoma and Arkansas .I particularly like the fact that people like yourself are coming forth with positive opinions about Billy Meier . Locally , there are few people that I can discuss this study with , and my good friends don't share the interest . If you would like to correspond , I'd be glad to .Here's a link to my web site , which is about my music:

peace in wisdom,
Mark Campbell

MAX wrote:


I'm not really following Billy's work, it was just something I came across. I think it is great that you found me though. The web is so cool for meeting people.

So... what is your take on why we are here, how we got here and where we are going? Big questions I know... but it is what interests you... and I'm curious to know your view.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Max;
You obviously have had some deeper realizations , so naturally it's yours to know - some of the most important credible knowledge that is available to us for the first time. We take radio, flight and technology for granted , but what would it look like to cowboys of the old west? That wasn’t so long ago. ..Especially for the acceleration that is going on these days and yet ahead , the net is a fine tool.

Part of the beauty of this kind of knowledge is that it answers your questions from the inside, so to speak. You will ponder on things that awaken cognizance... How we were created on this world is the same on every planet that goes through the stages of planetary evolution starting with primary chemistry, flora , fauna , and eventually human life, which is the refinement of consciousness. The Creation itself is the highest authority over everything , although it has been given personal attributes by our natives who didn't understand who the gods were. Some of them presented themselves to us as lords , with their high technology and spiritual advancement.

Where we are going ? In my view, evolution is primarily in relevance to consciousness first. Species evolve only from relevance to one another , and new races develop from before unknown combinations of races, as when someone from Houston marries one from Dallas ( yuk, haw haw). As a planetary race , which is only one, in the truly sane view , we are going into a new time of understanding and moving away from superstitious beliefs that are based on fear and herdship .You might be extremely surprised to learn what is available even on the FIGU web site .

The challenge, the true problem, is to communicate to people truth , when what we have been taught for thousands of years is a manipulated version of it. It is easy to offend or alienate ( pun intended) people who are accustomed to customs and practices of society (that seem to be right), by redefining something like religion in accordance to it's original intended form.

I'll give you an example : It is broadly accepted , but never really clearly understood what happened with the "jesus mission". It was really the "Jmmanuel Mission", but Jmmanuel( Immanuel)himself was taken out of the game , and therefore the crucifiers won the battle and controlled his teachings , to their specifications . The deciples were in no position to make a big development from that point because their leader was taken out . That's what happens in reality. He survived the cross due to his advanced spiritual and yogic development , ie, slowing of the heartbeat and breath , feigning death . He moved to India and lived there till the age of 115 . Believers have made him into Creation itself , and it is always said that he created the universes himself . Nowhere does it really say this, but is a fanatical assumption . The edict of religion is that we are nothing , he is everything , give yourself , surrender your money and conform . Good people all .What Jmmanuel really taught is that the Human Spirit is all powerful because it is a part of Creation itself and not separate . This part of his teaching is considered a heresy and a lie , just like it was 2000 years ago. He was silenced , and the elite of the pharisees took his teaching and made it their own cash cow , and made him an idol, when he equated worship with dependence and primitive humanity. That Paul (saul) is made to be a hero by the church when in fact was never one of them(deciples) , and today's religion is the result of his work , and made possible by the who's who of , you guessed it , the ones who crucified Jmmanuel .

I take responsibility for my words , because I know that someone simply has to stand up for 'it' in a time when conformity is at an all time high , and most wouldn't dare . The tea stays in Boston harbor , therefore , so to speak .I offer no apology for any conceived insult to religion . You must consider that the true teaching has been held for ransom for all this time , and that to understand what it was really about is a priceless treasure . To assume that anything is accomplished by a father making a bargain with a people to kill his son , and then he will stop his wrath ....? It doesn't make sense . Logic speaks for itself, but society will always be led by those who insist that the masses play follow the leader blindly . The leaders don't understand and do not know how far off it is( because they are only blindly following also) , and justify their path by actually doing some good things . The Mafia gives free turkeys to the poor . Goodguys , that's one of the names they're given. The FIGU is about UFO's only because the Plejarens have decided to inform us , and they will assist this very small group based in Switzerland to inform Earth humans one at a time and in small groups , in order to achieve that Spiritual evolution . This is one helluva lot to read I know , but you did ask . You are very intelligent : you may quote me , write essays for term papers. I am available to discuss . You don't know me , but I can tell you that my friends have always known me to be balanced and aware . I don't use my stage as a platform to distribute , and I tend to consider things from many points before proceeding in anything . Today has been a good day for me to be frank ; when I have only known rejection concerning this subject. Peace to the Earth and to all it's beings ; all due respect to people of all faiths , all credos , and to our country , which should be the land of the freethinking .

Peace in wisdom( Salome), Mark


I agree with what you said about Jesus... and how Paul took it upon himself to build the church-- it had nothing to do with Jesus' message, it was dogma. It just makes more sense to me.

As for the rapid advance in technology, yeah... I find that amazing as well.

Can you recommend a few web sites for me. I want to make a links page for my site with links to far out ideas such as FIGU.

Also, I am going to add your letter to my journal... cuz I really liked what you said.

My mission is to increase environmental awareness and understanding that we all need to co-operate on this planet if we are to survive... especially with the rapid increase in population. I believe it is important that we not consume so much... but instead focus on building respectful relationships with all forms of life around us. Many people are fear full and not open. They lack confidence and optimism... but of course that won't get them anywhere. They drink or smoke their life away. I am trying to reach those people.

How do you know Plejarens are for real? Some might say that stupid as thinking Jesus is the creator of all. How did you find out about FIGU?

Peace my friend.


Hi Max ; A big part if the FIGU is about environmental issues ( ozone , pollution)and overpopulation , the most misunderstood of all . As for links , there is - Keep in touch , gotta go ! Mark

Max ol buddy.

Wow, great to hear from you. I saw an incredible full moon Saturday, then an incredible sunset over the Swiss Alps Tuesday, and my thoughts went back to our kayaking in the Bay of Fundy with both of those in the sky........

I doubt I'll be back in Texas soon, but who knows......still nursing this fuckedup ankle of mine, hopefully another two weeks or so and I'll be able to get around twith my heavy backpack and all. Flute! that's beautiful. what kind is it? not that i know much aboujt flutes......I bought one, a Bolivian one, right before we came to Europe, haven't played it much. I'm having a hell of a time getting a good tone out of it........

Do keep me posted on your plans.

As Paul said a couple thousand years ago, may you have the Peace that passes understanding.