October 26, 1997
Sand Dollar State Beach, California, USA

This morning, Mike drove me back to Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park, and I was on the water by 9am. Nothing really exiting happened on the water today ...it was just another sunny, calm, and magnificent kinda day.

Over the last two days, I’ve seen two jelly fish, one great Blue Heron, a few Western Grebe, a few Loons, lots of Harbor Seals, hundreds of Pelicans and Cormorants, tens of Great Egrets, and two pods of Dolphins.

I got into Sand Dollar Beach at around four o’clock, then spent a hour snorkeling. There were hundreds of big fish within ten feet of me. If I had a spear gun, I would have been eat’n fish tonight. As I was walking back to my kayak, I met a lady walking her dog. She invited me to her house for dinner, and said that she had a spare bed as well. So, here I am, in her home on a hill, over-looking the ocean.