Roblito Community Center for Cultural Exchange

The village of Roblito is a fishing and farming community on Mexico's Central Pacific Coast, located in the Auga Grande estuary--where the Aztecs lived before making Mexico City. Around the perimeter of the village, massive mounds of shells left by ancient ancestors serve as prominant reminders of our own legacy to future generations.

The Roblito Community Center for Cultural Exchange is a project of the Action Hero Network and the people of Roblito, to share ideas and opportunities that foster the link between education and culture.

Our next gathering in Roblito is January 16th to January 31th, 2009.
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Glimpses of Paradise
Roblito in black and white
Roblito, Palmillas and Stone Island over 6 years
Action Hero Training Camp in Roblito
A dream come true on the Mountain of Death
New Year's day in my adopted home of "The Little Oak."

Far from the hustle and bustle of business, greedy dreams of politics and the noise of motor vehicles, a settlement of 200 people live in harmony on a secluded peninsula as one large family. They live close to the earth, in dirt floor huts, sharing their space with chickens and pigs. Their economy is based on fishing, farming, livestock, and selling oyster shells from the huge mounds. Shrimp and mango make life delicious when in season.

Paddling a dug-out canoe to a favorite fishing spot at sunrise and barefoot soccer games without score keepers are part of the daily routine. "Tranquilo" is the word-- a relaxing shift down from the fast-paced life in the modern world.

The people of Roblito are not poor. On the contrary, I was inspired by their community-- their commonwealth. They have hearts of gold--rich with self respect. These people prove it is possible to live happily with little money. They teach that wealth is not how much you have... it is how much you appreciate what you have.

Roblito Accommodations: Gabe and Vicky are my adopted mom and dad in Roblito. I live with them when I'm there. A half dozen others families have also agreed to welcome visitors who will contribute toward meals. Vicky and Gabe have a large plot of land in the center of Roblito where additional housing structures will be built, and Vicky's father, Bernardo, provided a football field size plot in a secluded area 4km north of the village where the Action Hero field Camp will be located. Images below show Vicky and Gabe and their home.

Palmillas, Sinaloa: This friendly slow-paced village at the base of the Sierra Madre mountain range has a population of approximately 2000 inhabitants. They sustain a living from mango orchards, cattle herds and fishing the pristine Agua Grande estuary-- the winter destination of many waterfowl that live in Canada during warmer months.

Cerro Del Muerto dominates the skyline above the village. "The Mountain of Death" is named due to the shape of its outline, similar to a man on his back, which is how I found myself contemplating death by dehydration several hours after reaching the summit and discovering a hole in my water bag. This steep terrain and labyrinth of thorn bushes has had few challengers. Our first Action Hero Training Camp project created a safe path up the mountain and organized the opportunity for a group of fives boys from Roblito to reach the summit. Other projects include community clean-ups and workshops encouraging composting, recycling and water conservation.

The village is split by a highway continuously noisy with the sound of traffic which makes teaching and learning difficult in near-by elementary, junior high and high schools. In peaceful solitude half way up Cerro Del Muerto, we'll create cargo-net hammock camps high in the tree tops, offering a safe and comfortable wilderness experience. Learning is fun outside... where life is.

While in the village a man asked if we could see the moon in Canada. Two other men were interested to learn that the sun does not go around the Earth, but the opposite is true. We each have something to teach. Our mission is to create non-hierarchical learning environments where everyone is empowered to be both student and teacher.

Local Coordinators: Elfego Hernandez is a professional soccer referee with a house in Palmillas that is available to us. He is pictured below with his family. They currently live in Los Angeles, California.

Julio lives with his wife Claudia and two daughters in Tecuala(between Palmillas and Roblito). He teaches english at a local high school, teaches surf lessons on Playa Novillero and makes silk screen t-shirts for his shop El Negrito.

Destinations / activities:

Tepic, Nayarit--------Huichol arts and crafts
San Blas, Nayarit-----Jungle boat tour guided by environmental activist, Jonny Bananas.
Creel, Chihuahua------Hiking & hot springs in Copper Canyon
Mexcaltitan, Nayarit--"The Venice of Mexico" (photo right)
Teacapan, Sinaloa-----Deep sea shark fishing.
Mazatlan, Sinaloa-----Urban life, beach bumming, surfing and brick oven pizza making.

Optional activities:

Jewelry making
Rock climbing
Agua Grande Canoe trip
Slingshot Paint ball
Acoustic music
Hoop dance
Parades & Puppets
Sweat lodge
Horseback riding
Drama and dance

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