October 29, 1997
Pismo Beach, California, USA

I paddled out of Morro Bay first thing this morning and had light north-west winds and following seas all day. The scenery was fantastic and the time went by quickly.

I came upon an unusually large group of sea otters frolicking in a kelp bed and passed by a rock loaded with seals.

As I drew closer to my destination, the pier at Pismo Beach, I met another kayaker, and we paddled together for a few minutes. The dude’s name was Wes, and he was a pretty cool cat. I found Mike a few minutes after arriving at the pier. Tonight, I feasted on Rock Cod, and then Mike and I hurried back to the hotel to receive a phone call from my parents. They said there was a big color picture of me on the front page of our Saint John paper, The Times Globe. They read the article to me over the phone. It was well written, and I didn’t learn anything new about myself - which, of course, is a good thing.