October 13th, 1998
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Things haven’t slowed down much, but at least I’m making progress. My meeting with Mr. Pond, the president of NBTel, went great! I showed him the article in the Sympatico Net Life Magazine, then he said to me, "If they gave your web-site 4 stars... so do I!" I informed him that my website would cost $95 a month to be hosted on his server, and that I was told by the NBTel market department that they don’t have the funds in their budget to host my website at no charge. He replied by saying... "I make big bucks... and I like what you are doing... so I’ll pay for it out of my own pocket." That totally blew me away!

I have also had some good fortune with other sponsors, like PUR, who is providing me a hand operated reverse osmosis pump at cost, saving me $1000, and Kodak, who sold me a DC210 digital camera at below wholesale, saving me $500.

I sent my computer away to get fixed, and after charging me $100, and sending it back, it is still messed up. I’m using it now, and it is working fine, but sometimes the ENTER key starts to engage spontaneously, and I need to restart the computer to fix it. I leave for the west coast in two days, so I don’t have time to send it away again. I’m going to call the repair shop tomorrow and ask them to give me my money back.

My slide show tour went well. I gave the presentation a total of 14 times, and it was viewed by over 4000 people - most of which were students of the four high schools I visited. I only charged the schools $200, because they allowed me to use their auditoriums for free in the evenings, when I did the presentations open to the public.

I am surprised by the low turn-out to the public showings, considering the large amount of publicity I have received over the past few weeks. There were several newspaper articles written, I have been on TV twice, and I had a great interview on CBC radio with Costas Halavrezos, on his show, Maritime Noon. Almost everyone around here has heard about my trip at one time or another, but I think many people think of a slide-show as being a lot like watching home movies, and not worth the admission - which was $8 for adults, and $5 for students. Oh well, I did all I could do... and the people who came... loved it.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving, and it is our family tradition to spend it together at our cottage on the Washademoak Lake. It was the first time our entire family has been together in a few years, so I had a family photo taken. It didn’t stop raining all weekend, and we had to have it done in the rain. I think it will turn out okay anyway.

my family photo

It is now 12:20pm, but I have a million more things to do before I fly out of here in approximately 60 hours, so I better rap this up. I have my first nation-wide interview on CBC radio tomorrow morning at 11:15am. I’m looking forward to it. I still do not have a deal with Stratos for getting a cut-rate on my satellite phone air-time, so if you are thinking about making a donation toward this website, now would be a good time. Personally, this journey costs me less then $3000 a year, which I can afford; maintaining this web-site is what is putting me in debt. Whatever size of donation you can spare will be greatly appreciated!