October 29, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

11am. This morning, surfing Doors to Other Worlds, my evolving links library that leads me places I didn't know exited, I clicked on Frugal/Mindful Living Resources, which took me to The Simple Living Network, which helped me find The Institute for Earth Education.

The Institute's homepage states:

Earth Education...
the world's alternative to agency- and industry-sponsored supplemental environmental education.

Earth Education...
the process of helping people live more harmoniously and joyously with the natural world.

Earth Education...
for all those who love this planet and its life.

Earth Education...
a new beginning.

For the past thirty years we have been led to believe that there is a significant educational response underway around the world for dealing with the environmental problems of the earth.

It is not true.

The Earth Education Sourcebook is now being sent to me in the mail, no charge. An online copy is offered on the site. These teachers are doing what I have in mind.

Seek and you will find. Material accumulation is not the answer, but only a temporary means that weights you down in the long run. Pursue a worthy goal... any goal. Your journey is within... and it is like none other... that has ever existed or will again. Go now!


Youngest City Councillor Joel Richardson New President of Cities of New Brunswick Association

FREDERICTON, NB (October 29, 2001) – New Brunswick’s youngest City Councillor now holds the provinces top municipal post. Fredericton City Councillor Joel Richardson, 27, has been unanimously supported as the new President of the Cities of New Brunswick Association.

Elections for the new executive positions were held at the association’s general meeting in Fredericton on Saturday, October 27, 2001.

The Cities of New Brunswick Association membership includes all Mayors and Councillors from each of the seven cities of Edmundston, Campbellton, Bathurst, Miramichi, Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton.

President Richardson’s executive team will consist of Moncton Councillor Lorne Mitton for First Vice-President, and Second Vice-President went to Edmundston Councillor Charles Fournier. After serving two successful years as President, Saint John Councillor Peter Trites has become the associations’ Past President.

"As President, I will work with the executive team to kick-off the development of a new strategic vision to address our top local governance issues. Throughout the year, we will work with the province to address the need for adequate and stable funding in the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Transfers, promote controlled land-use planning in unincorporated areas to avoid urban sprawl, and encourage property taxation in the Local Service Districts on a cost-recovery basis," explained President Richardson in his inaugural speech.

"The Cities of New Brunswick Association will be the catalyst for communication and cooperation between the seven cities and the provincial government. And by the fall of 2002, we expect cabinet to enact these sweeping changes to enable our cities to develop economically as the sustainable urban centres they were intended to be," concluded Richardson.

Councillor Joel Richardson served as Vice-President of the Cities of New Brunswick Association from 1999-2001. He was first elected to Fredericton City Council in 1998, was acclaimed for a second term in 2001, where he’s currently Vice-Chair of Finance. In his new capacity as President, Richardson will also now represent New Brunswick on the national board of directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and hold the Vice-Chair of Finance for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

12:23pm. A police officer from the youth alternative measures department just called inviting me to meeting at 1:30pm on November 6th with the kid who took my wallet and attempted to cash my pay cheque. I'll be there.