October 21, 2002
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

11:50am Joel.... thanks for the pics. Good times! Gonna put them on the site now. I just had a dream about hundreds of people in canoes being crushed by huge surf(looked like Hawaii, but could be Mexico) and me getting my foot wrapped by a constrictor snake after trying to climb a boulder in the jungle. Strange... where do these thoughts come from? Maybe they are fears that haunt me about going south? Where is my sea sock for the kayak? I dropped in and got the skirt. -C

Hi Cory - yup the pic's are great. Sorry I missed you on the weekend - I was in Bathurst for work. I'm headed to grand manna and Campobello tomorrow morning, so I'll try and drop your sea sock off at the house. If not, I'll send it down on the bus or something (it's in the basement).

Funny about your dream with canoes - a colleague of mine popped her head into my office this morning and said that she had dreams of canoes this weekend as well and I was in them. Weird shit man.

When are you planning to head south bro?


hey all - check this out - except for the staying out of the streets part (and again, the emphasis on everybody being SILENT) - we can interpret this in many creative ways, & heck a STRIKE sounds good to me...> jesse

U.S. General Strike
Against the War
Nobody goes to School
Nobody goes to Work
Nobody is in the Stores
Nobody is in the Streets

A Weekend of Community ACTIVISION!!! ALL events are FREE with FREE FOOD

1) INTERNATIONAL MEDIA DEMOCRACY DAY!!!! Friday, 18 October: Celebrate International Media Democracy Day in Portland: 8pm Portland West: 181 Brackett Street, Portland Video-showing & Discussion, featuring Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent, the documentary that had to be made in Canada - methodically exposes the mass media's allegiance to, complicity with, and responsibility to the same corporate America that owns it.

We're also going to talk about how to use Public Access, how to get involved with Maine Indymedia, ideas & tips regarding cheap lo-tech media production for those of us involved in a variety of organizing efforts (special emphasis on poor people's movements)...BRING EXAMPLES OF INDEPENDENT MEDIA (including your own!) TO SHARE WITH THE REST OF US!!! Please feel free to bring some food to share if you can...

Upcoming Portland Events Involving The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign / The New Freedom Bus Tour:

2)Saturday, 19 October: Free Community Dinner & Adult Info Session - 5:30pm Portland West: 181 Brackett Street, Portland Children's activities will include making your own kaleidoscopes! Free yummy food & video showing of Copy This Tape, produced by The Media College, part of New York City's revolutionary University of the Poor. The video focuses in general on organizing in poor people's movements in the fight to both eliminate and decriminalize poverty, and in specific on the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign - a month long bus tour hitting 25 US cities and states to collect evidence of US economic human rights violations to take to the UN in the form of a petition at the end of the tour... (On FRIDAY DECEMBER 6th this historic BUS TOUR COMES TO PORTLAND!!!) Discussions and brainstorming to follow - find out how you can participate in this historic movement of, by, & for poor people... Hosted by members of POWER (Portland Organization to Win Economic Rights)

ALSO - we just got special new videos (TBA) to show from KWRU (Kensington Welfare Rights UNION)! This will be their first screening in Maine...

3)Sunday, 20 October: POOR PEOPLE'S ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN 2pm Video-showing, Brain-storming, and Discussions - bring yummy food if you can. Portland West 181 Brackett Street, Portland Showing The California Freedom Bus Tour 2000, a thoroughly inspiring video documenting the work of Women's Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) in their fight to empower one another and demonstrate that, in a country as opulently rich as the US, poverty is not just a human rights violation, it is a crime against humanity. Brainstorming and idea-sharing regarding what folks would like to see happen when the historic 2nd New Freedom Bus Tour comes to Portland on December 6th. We gotta start planning early - please come and share your ideas, skills, and any help you can give.

******************************************************************************* AND DON'T FORGET TO COME OUT TUESDAY 22 OCT!!!


1)International Day Against Police Brutality: Tuesday 22 October Protest & Speakout - with a LIVE PUPPET SHOW - in Portland's MONUMENT Square: 4pm People all over the world are coming together on this day to speak out against the horrors of police brutality, which most often affects vulnerable, unprivileged communities (including the poor, people of color, and immigrants) whose stories and tragedies are ignored (or distorted) by the corporate main stream media. While there will be a focus on speaking out against the recent police brutality experienced by several peaceful protestors (at the end of the anti-war demo on 26 September), & while it is HIGHLY encouraged that folks attend to show support for the 'Portland 14' - those arbitrarily & in many incidents, violently arrested during the demo, it is especially crucial to focus on how the police department has been violating the rights of the poor, people of color, and immigrant communities in the city of Portland on a daily basis & without comment from the media, & without support from the rest of the community... We must speak out on behalf of the right of EVERYONE to be free from false arrests, excessive use of force, & outright violence on the part of those who are supposed to be 'protecting' us.

2) Free Space Benefit Concert - Tuesday 22 October (the same date as above): 7:30PM at the St Lawrence Community Arts Center - 76 Congress Street in Portland... Performers include local talents Los Federales & Sleepy Bo'weevil.

Don't miss it: there will also be a PUPPET SHOW featuring hand-made puppets & local puppeteers... Suggested donation of $5-8

1:30pm I'm in contact with a lot of people. This web, the network, the community, it is a family of friends. The more you know, the more you know. It's a support network. Like each strand of the web, we hold it all together. The tree roots hold the soil, and the soil holds the tree roots.

Last night after getting back from blissful lazy rain day beddy-bye bubble bath weekend in F-town, I took Donna to the Gypsy Camp to check out the new pad. We swayed in the hammock and danced like leaves in the breeze as gusts blew the canopy of our tree top sacuary.

Someone had been up there and cut down a large live limb that I use to climb a treetop lookout tower, and that really pissed me off; then I saw two other fully alive soccer ball wide birch trees sensely slain, and I just couldn't understand it. Who would do that? Did they see that I had cut trees, and if I could... why not them?

I built the tree house using only trees that were already dead, most of which had fallen in wind storms. The lumber was scrap that I got free. I used bent nails found in the garage that dad likely salvaged from somewhere, and I straightened them one by one on the axe head or as I hammered them in.

Goddess... You are in my thoughts. I smile. I am married... I wear your ring. I wrote a poem... kinda... it was more of a short record of lines that defined our relationship, it's borders or lack of:

No Illusions Between Us

Our paths are not parallel
Better to have loved and feel loss
Then not feel loved at all

I feel myself pulling away
I told myself don't get attached
I knew you couldn't stay

Just sit awhile longer
I just want to stay in this moment

Be still my bleeding heart

What's up Cor just an update from GMC- Your gas needs and housing are guaranteed. I look forward to seeing you and your show. How can you tailor your show to the topic of sustainable recreation? Let me know. thanks. ben.

Ben.... I'll be there!

As you know, my show is about self propelled rec..... kayaking and climbing.... not ATVs or speed boats... so that is something. I promote sustainable rec.

The second part of my show talks about how without water there is no life. What I can talk about with your crew is the balance.... we want people to enjoy wild spaces.. to gain reverence for the earth and it's systems, but we don't want too many people on the trails and camping because of over-use. But, I think outdoor rec is our only hope. If people keep living through tv/movies and buying packaged tv dinners and fast food... or planet is doomed anyway because they will keep polluting senselessly.

See you soon!