October 17, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

12:59am. This website is a huge project. Bigger than a master's thesis, it is my life's work. I analyze the crap out of everything, and feel a strong desire to capture beauty. Sometimes I wish I could just shut it off and chill. Other times I just gotta write. I love that I am excited about something. I sit at the computer typing in meditation all night. Outside in a sleeping bag, I scratch thoughts on a note pad by fire-side or moonlight. All these new thoughts... I gotta get them down and I'll scrible on anything with anything-- on birch bark with charcoal if that's all I got.

There are some reoccurring themes, such as education and media. I want to write an article simply titled, "ten good things to do," promoting a healthy life style, encouraging folks to go for it... cuz they got everything to gain. I want to be an advice columnist. I'm the person who is going to learn the most from it. Often that's the way with teaching; the teacher is the one who really gets tested. If the teach doesn't know what they are talking about, it is obvious.

What might be on my list of good things? Maybe I'd start with simple reminders, like drinking lots of water, stretching often, always wearing a seat belt, cleaning teeth with floss daily, visiting the dentist when needed, cooking meals for others, cleaning dishes and floors, writing a letter and sending pictures to loved one who you have not seen in a long time, and instead of buying bags of chips and tubs of ice cream which are loaded with chemicals, expensive and bad on the environment with regards to packaging, we can make wacky flavored popcorn(I like butter with a mix of chilly powder, garlic powder, cinnamon & sugar, and salt & pepper) and blending fruit smoothies(just mix fruit, milk, ice, nuts, cocoa powder or whatever you got). And most importantly, taking time to relax and get lots of sleep. I stress myself out. It's all in my head. Number one is staying sane. If I am getting angry at someone, I am the one with the problem, not them. The battle is within. If my body, mind and soul are not healthy, nothing else matters.

Tonight I read an article by By Jill Nelson, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR, titled The new 'normal'

I wrote this letter to Jill:

Your article, "The New 'normal'", is the best writing I've read in a while. It was fresh... just like you were talking to me. That is how I want write too: like I was having a conversation with you. So, you've inspired me to write for magazines. I've being thinking about it for a long time. Lots of folks read my writing, between 100-800 a day, on my website, http://www.solomax.com , but I figure... the more the better. I'd like to add your article to my online journal, so please get back to me soon to let me know if that is cool with you.

Thanks for being a great teacher.

Love Fearlessly,
Cory Richardson.

Last night, I presented a slide show at the YMCA to the Y's Men's club.

Tonight, I worked out at the community collage climbing wall.

This morning, I went to the police station to make a statement about my stolen wallet. On Monday, David, the guy who hires me to do kayak tours, called to say there was a teller from Cash Now on his other line, who said there was a young man trying to cash my pay check, posing as me using my ID. The police caught the punk. I showed up a short time later and asked the kid for my wallet, but he wasn't cooperative. Before leaving, I shook his hand and said, "do your best." Mum said, "he's probably never been loved or respected, so that is why doesn't care about anyone else." I asked the police officer if I could take the boy climbing or kayaking, not to drown him or push off a cliff, but to build his self-respect. "It is highly irregular," the officer returned, but suggested I talk to the youth division about it.

Since I write better than speaking, I'm writing to you. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your show tonight. It kicked ass, and it opened my eyes. "Eyes wide shut" that's me, and it seems that the more people I meet the more they open them up. I've met more people in the last year than I have in my whole life and it's sometimes a sad experience, and sometimes they bring the happiest of times, so they are all well worth it. I'm sort of reluctant to open them (my eyes) sometimes though, yeah... you know. Scared of all the bad stuff, but that's all part of growing up. I can't get the words of that man out of my head either, the one who said about growing old and not doing any thing really far out there, cause you were always too scared to. I liked how he said he was 'pissed off', caught my attention. Made me think too I dont want to be pissed off ever, life's too short. Thanks too for the Birthday thing, that was probably the best gift I could have asked for. Sitting there with you and Tom tonight I felt like I was with old friends, it was the coolest feeling how you guys just made me feel very welcome. I hope we all become old friends. Actually, I know we will. I hope that when you go away, we'll still be able to communicate somehow cause I would really be...pissed off! Heh heh. No, for real though, I like having you as my friend and good friends, real friends, are hard to find. Well, I've rambled long enough, I'm sleepy, must have been the fresh air. Your rock misses you but it's got a good home in my room now, so it wont be too bad.
Have a good week Cory, good luck in Alma. Give me a shout when you get back.
Take care of yourself

5pm.Cars on the highway are speeding like in a race; it is easy to get caught in the frantic pace. I was competing with a sporty BMW, but I'm in a old mini van... with no reason to hurry. On-coming traffic is frightening; drivers could be drunk, sleepy, or simply distracted for a second and the only thing preventing a potential colision with a combined impact of 200+ kmph is a stripe of yellow paint.

On a self-propelled roller-coaster, I'm wheelin' through Fundy National Park. Trying to take corners without brakes is fun. Tunes are pumpin', I'm freakin'... it's a SoloMAX dance party! That's right kids... buckle up!

10pm. The Great Balancing Act are practicing in their barn.

11pm. Gill is viewing slides I shot at Evolve and images captured a few weeks ago when I visited in preparation for tomorrow night's big show.