October 11, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

9pm. Last week, Edith met a guy named Corey who reminded her of me, even before he said his name. A Reiki Master from Nova Scotia, she said that he is on spiritual quest to Arizona, and that we should get together. At the Evolve Festival in Antigonish, I attended a Reiki(energy healing) workshop lead by Corey, but we didn't speak at that time.

Corey and his traveling partner, Krista, hung out with me today in the Gypsy Camp, then we drove to Bayshore with the canoe to paddle out to the Shag Rocks and see the Harbor Seals, but the sea was too rough, so we built a sculpture instead.

"It's so heavy... the vortex... the Juniper trees grow in a spiral!" Corey said of energy found at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona, were he is headed to live with natives and study shamanism.

Suddenly, I had an intuitive feeling to look for my wallet, which wasn't in my back pocket where it usually is. I checked the van, where I had it last, and it wasn't there either.

After an adventure in the marsh behind Saint's Rest Beach, we went to the beer store, then back to the Gypsy Camp for a bonfire. While the others where engulfed in conversation about the problems of society and why there's a need for more campfires, I quietly stepped away into the darkness.

A cheap drunk grinning... I was swinging... swinging... so high... my toes were touching branches 20 feet up. Pumping hard to get higher... thinking it would feel just that much more exhilarating, I stopped working and tuned into all my senses to totally appreciate where I was: alone on the highest mountain top for miles around... flying through the forest in the darkness... looking down at the valley illuminated with city lights that glitter like sparkling jewels. In that moment, I thought, "This is why I am alive! It feels good!" Working harder is not going to make me happier. I just gotta appreciate simple things more. Then I started spinning while swinging, like on a crazy-ass amusement park ride.