November 27, 2002
Harlem, New York, USA

6:39pm. I arrived on long Island Saturday night not knowing where I was going. From a hotel lobby I called Nikki, my only solid contact in New York City. She wasn't home, so I called Tristan, a friend Seed went to art school in Paris. I've yet to meet Seed face to face myself, but we've been email budz for awhile and she is going with me to Mexico-- jumpin' in the Dragonfly when I pass-by Louisiana. Check out what Seed just made for a client.

A short time later, Tristan, her toddler Dakota and I were together in their kitchen eating pizza that I brought from Manchester. I read Dakota some of his favorite books, then showed them photos from home and Mexico. Tristan showed me video with Seed in it that was shot last month during her visit to NYC.

In the morning we got a bagel and juice at a local shop in perfect NYC style, then spent the rest of the day together at the Bronx zoo, the largest urban zoo in the world. Nikki was in a foto shoot all day, so I picked her up afterward and we headed to The Bitter End to see her girl friend's homegirl Courtney be a starlet. Three ladies... Ashley, Jenn and Courtney were on stage with guitars, each behind a mike taking turns doing their solo act in the style of a song writer's circle. Lisa, helped Ashley on a couple songs and I spoke with Lisa after. Nice girl. All of them were beautiful and talented. It was a good scene to be in. The band after them were amazing, and I specially loved one song that said, "This is your time... this is your place," which put me in a great headspace.

Monday morning and afternoon I was on the phone talking to magazine publishers, and I had a good chat with the editors of National Geographic Adventure Magazine who said they would do something with me, starting with an interview on their site.

At 4pm I arrived at Rocking the Boat in the Bronx, where Adam (who shares an apartment with Nikki) directs and after school project teaching inner city youth how to build wooden boats, which they get to use afterward. I did my slide show for them at 6pm, and then we had a little discussion. Living in this city is such a different reality. There are so many people, and all types, its like the whole world lives here.

Yesterday, I worked on email most of the day. Check out this one I got:

"born in ' 77 and so much excitement in life ? now i fill like i wasted most of my life :o))

seriously: great site, great stories, gorgeous pictures. I found it on russian news site by picture from your site : ,

good luck!

I checked it out... and they used a photo from my site showing a plate full of Peyote... to go along with a this story written by one of their writers:

Indian is judged for the right to give narcotic to the child American requires permitting giving narcotic to his four year old son.The discussion deals with the traditionally utilized by American Indians cactus to peyote, which contains hallucinogenic substances.Jonathan Flouyer (Zhonatyuan Of foshler), 35 years, considers that forbidding to give peyot to child, authority they disrupt that guaranteed to each the freedom of veroispovedovaniya.Hearings in this matter began on Friday in the family law court Of nevaygo region, Mitchigan.Conflict arose after Jonathan was bred with his wife of Cristina Ganslovskya (Cristina Yuanslovsky) soon after the generation of child.During October of 2000 years the right to the guardianship was transmitted to father, but judge then specially specified ban to that so that the child would obtain peyot. Now Jonathan requires permitting the participation of boy in the religious rituals, which practice in the church of the morning star of American I! ndians.There peyot give out either in the form of tea or greenish paste.Thus far it plans/glides only to rub tea into the forehead of child, but as soon as that will want to try to accept him inward, father does not intend to prevent this. To the protection of the right of father to give to child narcotic arose the psychiatrist and researcher from the Harvard medical school John Khelpern (Zhoyun Yu. Yualpern), one of the most important specialists in peyotu and by another hallucinogen.Answering a question of judge about the possible harm for the health, it noted that to it it is not known about the cases, when in the course of traditional Indian ceremonies child or adult would suffer. Generally in THE USA peyot is considered narcotic and that, in whom more than four ounces (only more than hundred grams), are found, it risks to please into the prison.However, in 1994 congress affirmed right to the use of a hallucinogen in the traditional Indian rituals, conducted by the members! of the officially recognized Indian tribes.To one of after all belongs Jonathan Flouyer. In his former wife will the possibility produce its arguments in this matter at the session of the law court on 27 December.It is known that it thus far considers that to give peyot to child is unsafe.

In the evening, Katie, Nikki and I had a necklace/book making session at an apartment in Brooklyn where Nikki's clothing designer friend Daniel lives with other artsy action heroes. Lyon Smith, Architectural designer who lives there showed me a few things he'd done-- sculpture, paintings, video, photos, ...I was very impressed-- a true renaissance man.

There are levels of people, but it is not fixed. People that are powerful have developed themselves. They know they are powerful and use it. Its great to know these people cuz they introduce you to their circle of friends who are also very creative and manifest fun scenes to live in. It sucks for people who don't have such great influences and connections. That's why Action Hero Training Camp is so important; people on lower levels hanging in hoods and malls surrounded by thugs and drug addicts might never get the chance to make friends with such great talents otherwise.

Today I was on the phone going down a list of contacts Adam gave me for high schools in the Bronx and just pulling random schools of interest from the phone book. I planted lots of seeds, and two were fruitful so far-- $300 for back to back shows at Bronx Guild High School on Dec. 6th and $200 for a teacher development day at Lehman High School on Dec.13th.

Now I'm off to Tristan's. Tomorrow we are going to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Another friend, Eric, who I met in Ontario, Canada at an Earth Education gathering, has invited me for Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Hi Max!

Have you ever watched The Simpsons? There is an episode where Homer Simpson changes his name to Max Power. It is one of the funniest shows of that series! The joke is that by changing his name to something cool and trendy, he revolutionizes his life-he starts to hobnob with movie stars and politicians.

I checked out your website for a bit...haven't read much of your journal entries, but I want to. I want to read about long-lost home on the ocean...

I thought it was really cool how you listed everybody who had given you support on your trip! I wanted to know if you would be interested in earning a little money babysitting for me on Friday. Alas, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Dakota's daycare will be closed. I would be sort of nice to have a four day holiday, but the cut in my paycheck would be harsh...I don't yet have the cushy corporate benefit package with paid holidays.

Hope to hear from you soon!