November 15, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

12pm. Slide show at Latimore Lake School.

4pm. On the way home from the show, seeking more gigs, I visited Simonds High School, The Woodlawn Center and the Fire Dept. HQ, but none of the chiefs were available to talk. After picking up my stolen Cheque from the police department, I saw Michael on the side walk and invited him to come with me to the play ground I built in the forest near my house. First we stopped at the bank, where I cashed two cheques, each for $100(the stolen one-- payment for a day of kayak guiding cruise ship passengers, and the honorarium from today's show), reducing my VISA debt from buying the slide show equipment to $1000.

Once home, I checked my email and found a quote from the Bible that I asked my friend Anna to find. In Luke 17:21, Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."
"That scripture was read all over the world today," Michael informed me.
"What do you mean?" I puzzled.
"I went to Mass today," he returned, "and that was one of the scriptures that was read. All over the world, in every Catholic church, in Europe, Mexico and Africa, each service reads the same scriptures."
"Who says what is read?"
"The Vatican," he answered.