MAX @ School - November 12, 2004 journal

November 12, 2004
Sacramento, California, USA

9:58am. Monday night I rode the train from San Francisco to Sacramento, beacuse Allen at Horse Cow booked a Dragonfly Workshop for wednesday night. Eight ladies came to the workshop and I've had a great time getting to know the family of friends (Gene, Duck, Steve, Junior, Emily and Steve) that live in this creative community space called Horse Cow. I can't write more, cuz I need to catch the 10:40am train to Oakland to meet Joe to build a safe ladder system up to his new tree house hammock.

Above is a mobile I made and below are pics from the Dragonfly Workshop.

WE THE PLANET is tomorrow:

Oakland, California, USA

6:11pm. I'm Joe's house watching a climbing ropework video he bought today at REI.