November 1, 2000
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

The below is a poem I wrote in the third grade. I found it recently in an old note book, and copied it as it is written.

Flower of every hueó Red yellow, pink, wite and light blue

beauty so bright in the sunlight

AhÖ fair flowers sur-Round you

sweet perfumes filles the air sweet as the breath of the fair spring

pretty flowers sway in A Dainty way all the petAls seen to say. Letís dance to-day

every flowers a dream come true red rose as firelight. Daisy Gold and sunbright

Violetís of the deep blue every one a dream come true

Ah-AhÖ. Spinning whirLing Dancing Twring

Every Lovely BuD unflurLing

Sprinning swaying playing

Turning round and round

Red Rose as Firelight

daisy gold and bright

HH- come join the team as they Bend and sway

A Dancing rainbow on a sumer

Thinking back to my early years, I donít remember fear. Most of my time was spent in nature, in peace. Before first grade, I went on long walks alone in the forest and on the beach.

When does a person become a grown-up? I donít feel grown-up.

Stress makes people old, even while they are still young. When stressed or depressed, the best thing to do is have fun.

Sunny days make me smile, so I go south in the cold, dark winter. I am in the summer of my life. The fall will come too soon, so I take advantage of youth.

Define myself. My acts are an expression of who I am. I like to do impractical things, like climbing rocks and creating mobiles from beach trash.

My life is an experiment. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Everything is part of the human experience.

What image do I cast? It depends on who I hit.

Life is silly and pointless.