The Mountain of Death art project

Mountain climbing has had a huge impact on my life. It is a metaphor for over-coming obstacles, finding different perspectives and expanding horizons. The self-confidence gained from facing the challenge and the fears that go with it, then reaching the summit and being rewarded with a spectacular view... is carried with you long after returning to the flatlands, spilling over into other areas of life.

My objective is to guide a group of villagers up the Mountain of Death and give them art supplies to record the journey. The mountain is in their back yard, but they don't climb it because they don't think they can and likely don't understand the joy gained from doing so. After a path is blazed it shouldn't be a problem. The art created will be a reminder that higher realities are possible.

***The project is now completed... and a dream become reality!!!***
See how it happened!

donated art supplies

Justin Grande(Sledgehammer Design), Austin, Texas donate this kit with paint, bushes, palette, and paper.

Kerrin Kendrick(URBANSCAPE) of Austin donated these paints and bushes.

Shad Chancey of Austin, Texas gave this kit of markers, pastels and pencil crayons.

Tristan Kwiecinski, of New York gave a bunch of personal care products and fun stuff.

Francie Wallace & family of Stone Mountain, Georgia donate $50... used in part to purchase this film.

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