October 4, 1997
Moss Beach, California, USA

John is away for the weekend, so I have no distractions to keep me from working on my boat and my journal. Well... none other than the constant roar of planes flying over-head. There is an airshow going on all weekend at an airfield a half mile away. As I’m typing this now, another plane just flew over. I used John’s bike and rode over to the show this afternoon. I spent a few hours over there. It was cool. They had "Wing Walkers" who hung from the plane as it did spins and loops, and lots of other neat stuff.

October 7, 1997
Moss Beach, California, USA

Today, I called Cascade Designs in Seattle to replace my Therma-Rest chair kit that was lost in the accident, and they are sending me a new one for free. I was impressed. "Anything else you need?" they asked. "Yeah sure... The dry bag for my laptop is way too big. A smaller one would be nice." I replied. "Is there anything else you want?" "Well... my MSR Domry Bag makes my water taste bad ...could I have few large platypus bags?" "I’ll send four... Anything else?" "My pot set isn’t that great ...an Evolution cook set would much better." "Okay... Is that it?" "I could use two more dry bags... a small one for my camera, and a large one for my clothes." I reponded. They are sending me over $200 of free stuff. Opening the box is going to feel like Christmas morning. Yahoo! I’m a somebody!!!!

Tonight, I went to a family dinner at John’s friend Joe’s mother’s house. Louis, another friend of the family, was there also. The name doesn’t fool me; I’d recognize that jolly belly and big white bread anywhere. He must spend the off season down here. Joe’s 75 year-old mother, Deb, is a big Arthropology fan, and has made a sketch of every bug she has ever found in her yard. She has sketched over seven hundred little critters. Her drawings are detailed and very impressive.

October 10, 1997
Moss Beach, California, USA

As I sit here typing this now, it has been a week since that fateful day when my kayak got bashed-up. Most of that time has been spent catching up on my journals and trying to get my website rolling again. Writing my journals takes a lot of time, and energy. It’s like slogging up a mountain covered in knee-deep snow. I hate doing it, but once the task is finished and I look back over what I've accomplished, it feels incredible.

Earlier this evening, John and I went to another friend’s house for supper. Russ and his wife Suzie made us a delicious dinner, followed by apple crumble with chocolate ice cream for desert. I’m still stuffed. Well... it’s time for bed. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to help John load kayaks on his car. He is heading out for the weekend to teach a Novice Kayakers Clinic.