April 20, 1999
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Hola Amigos!

I am currently renting a small one room cottage for 10 pesos($1USD) a day, just off the beach on Stone Island - across the harbor from Mazatlan, a popular tourist destination. Internet access has been hard to attain up to this point, but I have finally made a few connections and I have two locations where I can get on line at no cost: here at the university, Tec de Monterry and at my friend Daniel's house.

I apologize that I have not been able to keep this web site up-dated with current journal entries over the past six months. My first priority has been to live the life of my dreams - which is the purpose of this journey. However, I am writing... A LOT... and when you do finally get to read about my latest adventures... you will be glad I took the time to maintain the high standard of quality in content and design for which this website is known.

In the summer of 1997, during the months preceding my departure from Vancouver, I was a guy on a journey, traveling by kayak, who happened to have a web site. Now it seems... I am a guy with a web site, who happens to be on a kayak journey. This journey has nothing to do with kayaking or a web site. It is a very personal quest and I am allowing the world to experience it - laughing and crying with me through the happy and sad times, and observing my angst in the times I am scared or perplexed.

sketch of meThis work is rooted deep within my soul - the source of its energy, like fertile soil, feeding my life as if a tree, enabling me to grow and branch out, spreading seeds of freedom and hope to be planted in other souls, giving them the inspiration to begin the life they desire.

I am in no hurry to leave here. There is much to learn and plenty of adventures yet to be had. Once I start heading south again by kayak, this journey turns into very serious game. I will be putting everything at risk, including my life. Before I leave Mazatlan, I must be certain that I am fully prepared to face the challenges which await me. They include: having a good understanding of the Spanish language, being able keep my web site running smoothly via satellite, and making sure that I am only carrying the equipment which best suits my needs. I have nothing to gain by rushing this process.

I have made many friends since arriving at the start of the year, both Mexicans and other travelers. I get a lot more respect from the locals when I tell them, "Yo vive aqui en Isla de la Piedra." I feel I am part of the community and not just another gringo. My Spanish vocabulary is growing larger by the day, and I am able to have simple conversations. My grammar is lame, but I am understood and I can understand much of what is said to me.

sketch of meEvery day is different, but I often do a lot of spear fishing, body surfing, reading, cooking, exploring, and writing. I feel as though I have been at summer camp. But, now that many of my traveler friends have moved on, I may finally get some work done on the site.

The journal, starting back at the top of the Sea of Cortez, is a mess - written sporadically between my computer, several different note pads and numerous small pieces of paper - whatever I could grab at the moment I was inspired. Sorting this out and organizing it with the hundreds of corresponding images into an entertaining, educational and easy to view format is a massive task - bigger than I probably fully realize. Until then, you will just have to wait before you can turn the next page of my life and vicariously begin to experience what is undoubtedly the most enlightening and fantastic chapter yet.