May 8, 2002
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada


6pm. Will, G-dog and I cranked off the first free ascent of Dueling Fools. I've been looking at the route for years. The exposure on the second pitch over-hanging arrete was intense. My protection was at my toes and I didn't have the size cam I needed, so I just had to go for it-- 5.11 trad... totally dirty... only climbed once before... by me... with aid! A couple times I thought I was going to fall, but knew it would mean taking a 20 foot wipper and possibly smashing my face on the ledge below. Staying positive, I focused all my energy up. When I pulled on that finger-lock at the lip... 250ft up... and it suck... well... unless you're a climber... you couldn't understand how great it feels to jam your fingers in a rock. Upon mounting the ledge, I shouted for joy like nothing I've ever done or seen on a city sidewalk. It was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

I'm looking for people to take part in Action Hero Training Camp. I don't care about the money; if you want to go... we'll make it happen. I just want to share an amazing experience and make a movie. Please check out the dates and the deal... and tell your friends!

If you can't go but you want to see it happen... and see our production on this web site when it's finished... please support the project with a donation. I'll show you exactly what your money was spent on. Just email me and we'll work it out.

Have faith... and have fun!