May 5, 2002
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

2am. Paddle Fest at Tidal Pool, with Debbie Adshade rockin' the stage.


8pm.The Gypsy Camp

11:55pm. Genius, awareness, madness, temporary insanity, poisoning myself, puking, asking "Why do I do this?"

On this trip... I felt the sorrow of the world. I connected with two ladies, touched them with words and made them weep. One had just burried her mother, and the other just need someone to tell her she is beautiful and worthy of love. People need help and encouragement to help themself.

Connect with me. I need help too. We all want to be loved, appreciated, cared for and missed. Reach out and grab me; I'm stuck in a rut. This head-space is quicksand sucking me down to be consumed by the dark-side.

Pissed off at the world, projecting gloomy negativity, one unhappy person can cause a lot of problems. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," a wise King once said. He and two other kings, leaders of people, visionaries, Kennedy and Gandhi, empowered us, inspiring us to believe peace is possible and we can all live together in harmony. This threatened the power structure and military complex. They were shot dead. Kill the revolutionaries. Hang ’em on a cross as an example to those who dare to rise up and question authority. Take your lot and be quiet!

Positive vibes—infectious joy through smiles, warm caring eyes and listening ears. Brilliance is seen in the wake of what we do—in the beauty of our creations and relationships. I am temporary as a flower. I am a star. See me shine. I will burn out and fade away. I am a sun. See my rainbow-ring projection on a cloud. I am a son, in a dark corner of a quiet bar in mid-afternoon. See my projection on a screen, see the beauty where I've been. I can’t wait for the revolution. Evolution is happening now…. Now…. Now! No one is holding me back. The only limitations are in my head. Realize divinity!