May 27, 2001
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

12:30am. I met Betty at the Tidal Pool, where my friends Ozzie and Andrew were dishin' out medicinal music with their band, Groove Therapy. Betty told me about living at cooperative, set up by an Australian, in a secluded part of Japan, where travelers can trade teaching meditation techniques and whatever else is of interest to the others, in exchange for food and shelter. That's what I got in mind for The FAR OUT School. I want to link retreat centers all over the world, with gardens, recreation opportunities, and skill building workshops. Many already exist, but most folks don't know where they are cuz they're too far out.

My vision is to create a university for naturalists, with campuses in the wilderness all over the globe. Students will bike, sail, kayak, or hike from one to the next, stopping at farming communities along the way to exchange labor or art for fresh food, so they don't need to carry money. Lots of people do that now-- living north in summer and south in winter, but I'm unaware of a system in place to help youth get started on their journeys.

1:30am. The cops busted up Jen's birthday bash, which had gotten over-crowded. Jammin' in Jen's room was a better scene. That's her on my knee. We partied all night, then Jen and Leanne went to the beach with Tom and I to watch the sunrise.

8:30am. After arriving home, the minute I laid my head on the pillow, Jolene called, asking me the join her for church in the country. I fell asleep in church, so I went outside where it was heavenly.

Back at her camp, Jolene wrote a song, then the boys who played at the church came to jam.