May 10, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

2:40am. Every Wednesday night is men's basketball at Hillcrest church. We are knights in battle on the court; a healthy war-- although there are injuries and casualties. We play pick-up ball, shirts and skins; it is not important to know the score. Each individual's effort and skill is what matters. A stylin' pass... a far shot from the corner... these spur cheers of encouragement from both sides. I played hard tonight. It got me high-- boosting self esteem. If stressed out for whatever reason, goin' wild with fearless charges to the hoop is a fun release. There's no reffs; we call our fouls. It's good to get the heart pumping hard at least once a week.

Dancing at the clubs is another fun workout and release. Tonight, at the Brickyard, I sweat off a pound to the tune of The Northern Pikes. I drank several cups of water; nothing else. My dancing queen, Barbie(who comes with a little red sports car) happened to be there swingin', so we dug each other's groove. We met a couple months back, boppin' and rockin' to The Grapes of Wrath. My date that night, strangely invited another dude to meet her, and then she wouldn't dance, so I grabbed Barbie, and took her for a spin. It is more fun to dance with someone.