March 14, 2002
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

10pm. Another day... another cluster of houses and business down the highway... another drunk crowd shrouded in haze... colored by red and purple stage lights... to black shadows they fade. Honeymoon Suite is not talking much; not really connecting with the crowd. This place is known for hosting second rate bands. The lead singer is braver with the mike in front of his face. He rakes a hand through his sweaty mop of spiky bleached blonde hair, singing, "I feel it again... it is the living end!" That was one of their big hits. Another one they sang was, "I got a new girl now... and she is a lot like you!" They were big for a while, playing the Skydome and such. Skydome isn't calling anymore. They just don't have the passion... and it shows. They are not changing with the times. We're in an 80's time capsule tonight.

Carrying my note book everywhere... it's like I'm always in school.