July 30, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

The community garden

At The Scholar's Den, I got two books for ten dollars: OUR SCHOOLS - OUR SELVES, a collection of essays by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and No More Teachers, No More Books; The Commercialization of Canada's Schools, by Heather-Jane Robertson.

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July 31, 2001

Councillor Spotlighted on National Goverance Web Site

FREDERICTON - Fredericton City Councillor Joel Richardson is being spotlighted as a resource expert on "Youthfluence.com", a creative space for young people to come together to learn, share and influence decisions on issues that are important to them. It is a youth-run bilingual web site using leading-edge technology to encourage community involvement and active citizenship.

The site has been developed by a network of young people and youth organizations brought together through a millennium project undertaken by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Youthfluence.com's main objectives are to: 1) Educate young people about citizenship and government, 2) Connect youth and youth organizations across the country, and 3) Encourage youth involvement in decision-making at local, provincial and national levels.

The Institute on Governance, an international think tank doing research on youth and governance, partnered with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to bring together young people across the country to discuss what should be on the site, and how best to inspire youth to learn about government and other "civics" topics.

In the fall of 1997, the Institute On Governance produced a report analyzing the lack of youth participation in public policy and program development. The report discovered that while there are a large number of government and private sector programs dedicated to youth employment, little attention has been given to the role of youth in the formulation and implementation of public policy.

"My belief is that young people should be involved in the decision-making processes from the local to the national level. All too often young people from their mid-teens through their late twenties are seen in terms of "tomorrow" - future leaders, future citizens - instead of how they can be involved today on important matters of public interest" Richardson explained, "Young people can play a significant role in the policy-making process. They bring unique perspectives, ideas and experiences to the table, which serve to make better policy decisions. As well, the very process of getting young people involved helps build their civic skills and experience."

Councillor Richardson represents Ward 2 Nashwaaksis, is currently Vice Chair of Fredericton's Finance Committee, and has been Vice-President of the Cities of New Brunswick Association since 1999.

MEDIA CONTACT: Councillor Joel Richardson, City of Fredericton Telephone: 506 444-5171 or 506 459-4856 E-mail: richardsonj@city.fredericton.nb.ca

To access Joel via the Youthfluence.com web site go to: http://www.youthfluence.com/connect/index.php and click on "Ask an Expert".

Micheal is from Saint John, but I met him in Torreon, Mexico, where he was teaching at the university, Tec de Monterry, finishing his masters degree in education. I gave presentations to his classes about my path. He took me on a Peyote trip. Tomorrow he is flying back to Tampico, close to the Gulf of Mexico, where he teaches now. In the fall, when I bring The FAR OUT School south, Micheal suggested we use his house a couple weeks as a base, and he'd set us up with the best guides.