July 19, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada


Mom and dad are leaving to meet Stockwell Day at a BBQ near Freddy Beach. I'm going too.

At noon, I was in the big hammock on the cell phone speaking to an answering machine at CBC radio, when Hugo and Randy came up to the Gypsy Camp. They had "penny bombs" made from a penny wrapped in a pack of caps that exploded with a bang and a lot of smoke when thrown at a hard surface. I told them I might have some fire crackers and they were eagar to buy them. "I'll just give you them for free when I find them," I said.

A short time later, they called me on the phone at home, encouraging me to find them sooner than later, and said they had a ten dollar donation for me-- because they like looking at the pictures on my web site.

After reading what I had written, Edith sent me this, "The Earth School", from a book called "Soul Stories" by Gary Zukav.

The Earth school is a 3-D, full-color, big-screen, multimedia, interactive movie. Getting carried away is easy because it is intimate, exciting, and always changing. If you study this movie - the Earth school - like a student of cinema studies, you see that nothing in it is accidental. Everything happens for a reason, just as it does in a theater. This movie is your life. The more you use your intuition, the more you see how it is constructed and what it is telling you....... Multisensory perception allows you to study the movie - your life - while you are starring in it. It also allows you to see something else - you are the director of your movie, too. You decide what words to say next. You decide how you will respond to each scene. You make the movie intense or fun, boring or exciting. You play a helpless fool or a wise hero. When you realize that, your life becomes very interesting to you, no matter what is happening....... Your movie began when you were born and it will end when you die. In between, you play the starring role and direct the action. Your movie doesn't exist apart from the movies of everyone you know and everyone you will ever meet. Each of them is also starring in and directing his or her own movie. You set the stage for them and they do the same for you. That is how the Earth school works.....