January 22, 2002
Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

2pm A couple cups of chai tea with Molly. She got a tattoo yesterday, dedicated to her father who passed away. Soon, Molly will draw her first tattoo on someone else. The painting below was created by her father.

4pm Chillin' with Jolene at the radio towers, where she regularly meets other dog walkers.

10pm "There's a remote control to start the fire," Jolene called to me from behind a computer in her father's office, where she is searching for lyrics on the web. I pushed the center button and the digital display switched to "ON" ...but I didn't see the fire ignite.
"Turn the temperature up," Jolene instructed. Then I started writing, in awe of this modern age, where everything is at our fingertips.

"Did your father make this mantel?" I asked after noticing the Jesus fish carved into the front panel.
"Yes, it is called the Alfa and the Omega," Jolene answered. "The beginning and the end."

Jolene's father's company built the sections of Molly's house shown in the above photos.

11pm Dad, a Canadian Alliance National Councilor, communicates constantly with other councilors, Alliance Members of Parliament and the media. Like Captain Picard on the Starship Enterprise, Dad works night and day at his command center control panel, steering a course for Canada's future through phone conversations and mouse clicks.

Fathers seem to be today's theme. Molly, Jolene and I are fortunate to have had fathers that are positive role models who set a standard for us and instilled confidence. It is normal for both my parents to speak in front of large groups of people, so I grew up thinking it is no big deal. Family is our foundation. Parents are pillars on which we stand. With their support, we form our lives building up from the base they created.

I want to support youth needing stability. I want to be someone who cares. I want to make them believe they can do anything. I want to make a youth hostel/summer camp/circus/school.