Howard Upchurch

Rambo and James Bond put together...

May 22, 99 - "Do you think Howard’s stories were mostly the truth?"
October 27, 2002 - "They took the cream of the crop and turned them into killers," Darlene shook her head.
December 17, 2002 - "What you are hearing for the most part… these are dead soldiers talking and partying."

Dick Frank and I in Mazatlan. Dick spent ten years in the Big Bend of Texas, during which he recorded Howard's stories on a hundred audio tapes that Dick will give to me if anything happens to him, but hopefully that won't have to happen any time soon. Our intention is to make Howard's story into a movie.

I came across a page of your journal on the net, and was surprised to see the names Howard Upchurch and Billy Pat Mckinney. I was a young boy living in Terlingua in the early 80's and I don't have any fond memories of the drunk Howard Upchurch. Once when I was a boy of about six, I can remember playing on the porch of the restaurant in Terlingua when Howard came up cursing the tourist on the porch and pushed me out of his way. That is when my grandfather Billy Pat McKinney came out and set Howard straight or should I say flying off the porch. And your account of him shooting at Billy Pat McKinney in his plane I remember a different story. When he was put in jail he threatened my family, boasting that Billy Pat had no idea who he was, but after being confronted at his home and informed that his corpse might find its way to the bottom of any of the numerous mine shafts in the area he sobered up and as far as I know never had an altercation with my grandfather again.

I am curious as to who Upchurch was and what his history was since there seemed to be a secret past to the man according to other people in the area. According to law enforcement records he also has a secret past?

I don't know who you are, or if you even know anything regarding this man. If you don't than I am sorry for bothering you.

-Brandon Strew