I'm an outsider. Wilderness is heaven on earth. Cities are big cages -- polluted and crowded with the stressed and depressed.

Mountains, deserts, rivers and oceans make this planet a massive amusement park. Bicycles, kayaks, snowboards and surfboards are tickets to bliss on self-propelled roll-or-coasters.

Maximizing my time outside is often a matter of having the gear--the tools and toys, so no matter what nature stirs up, I can be comfortable and have fun. Click on items listed below to see photos, learn how it works and find a link to the manufacture’s web site.

  • Stove, water bag, and cookset

  • Headlamp

  • Chaco Sandals

  • Water filter

  • Leatherman Multi-purpose Tool

  • VHF Marine Transceiver

  • Rock Climbing Shoes

  • Digtal Video Camera

  • Seek first to know your own journey's beginning and end;
    seek then the other journeys of which you are a close part.
    But in this seeking know patience.
    Wear the traveler's cloak which shelters and permits you to endure.

    - Master Po (Kung Fu TV series)

    MEC "Rad" Pants and "Cornice" Jacket.

    Bilge pump
    Pepper spray
    3 Flares
    Nose clip
    Signal Mirror
    Headlamp (donated by Petzl)
    Sun glasses
    PFD - Personal Floatation Device
    Paddlefloat (not shown)
    Sponsons (not shown)
    Personal Locater Beacon
    (donated by Northern Airborne Technology)
    Strobe light
    (donated by Southeast Paddle Sports)
    Water proof VHF radio
    (donated by Irving Oil Ltd.)
    Lip protection stick
    Carbo-Crunch(energy bar)
    & SPF 30 Sunscreen
    (donated by Shaklee)

    My Complete Equipment List:

    1 MSR Whisperlite Stove
    1 one liter gas bottle
    1 two liter gas bottle
    1 Big pot with cover
    1 Small pot with cover
    1 Stable base plate for stove
    1 Sleeping Bag (goose down)
    1 Gor-Tex Bivy Bag
    1 Tent, Moss Starlight
    1 Tarp, Moss Hepta Wing
    2 pairs socks
    1 pair nylon pants
    1 nylon shirt
    1 pair neoprene shorts
    1 bike jersey, lycra
    1 poly pro "T" shirt
    1 Short sleeve paddling jacket
    1 pair neoprene booties
    1 Gor-Tex brimmed hat
    1 polarfleece sweater
    1 Gor-Tex rain jacket
    1 pair Gor-Tex rain pants
    1 pair Gor-Tex socks
    1 polarfleece cap
    1 first-aid kit, simple
    1 razor
    1 dental floss
    1 tooth paste
    1 shampoo-bio-degradable
    1 mirror, can be used as signal mirror
    1 harmonica
    1 tube sun-block
    1 candle lantern & spare candles
    1 fork,knife and spoon
    1 All purpose soap, bio-degradable
    1 liquid laundry detergent, bio-degradable
    3 Writing pens
    1 Swiss Army Knife
    2 lighters
    10 spare ziplock bags
    1 passport
    1 birth certificate
    1 misc. I.D.
    1 Driver's License
    1 Powerbook laptop computer
    1 PCB, personal locator beacon, (like an EPIRB)
    1 VHF radio
    1 pair of inflatable sponsons
    1 Camera, tripod, lenses and film
    1 Solar panel
    1 Satellite phone
    1 GPS

    1 Strobe Light
    1 Whistle
    3 flares
    1 signal mirror
    2 pairs sunglasses
    1 Scuba mask and snorkel
    1 pair nose clips
    1 Pee bottle
    2 Tupperware containers
    1 plastic waterproof reusable writing tablet
    1 Shammy cloth for sponge
    1 bilge pump
    1 Platypus water carrier
    1 hand-held fishing line and lure
    1 pair climbing shoes and chalk bag
    1 spare twine
    1 water filter
    2 carabiners
    1 pair neoprene gloves
    1 Watch
    1 Therma-Rest Pad
    1 Pack Towel
    1 Day Pack
    1 Wallet
    1 Waterproof headlamp
    2 Water bottles, one liter Nalgene
    1 MSR Dromedary Bag, 10 Liter
    1 Assorted vitamins and food supplements
    1 Bag Rolled Oats
    1 Bag Brown Rice
    1 Bag whole wheat elbow pasta
    1 Bag Herbal Teas
    1 Bag Whole Wheat Bagels
    1 Map Case, with maps
    1 Spare Paddle
    1 Spanish/English dictionary
    1 Hammock
    1 Bag energy bars
    5 Dry Bags
    1 compression sack for clothes
    1 Deck compass
    1 Kayak- Quest by Seaward, 19' Kevlar
    1 Roll Duct tape
    1 Tent pole repair kit
    1 Battery Charger for VHF radio
    3 Spare filters for water purifier
    5 Diskettes for laptop
    10 Rolls slide film
    1 Alarm clock
    1 Bag little Canadian flags(to give away)
    1 Insulated cup
    1 Mosquito head net