Febuary 4, 2003
Austin, Texas, USA

4:57am. Too much on my mind to sleep, so I've been cleaning the inbox for the past hour.

On Saturday, Seed and I climbed on beautiful lime stone formations above an emerald green river at Rimmer's Ranch. There was at least 100 climbers there. It's privately owned and costs three bucks for access. On the Cat cliff, which is mostly beginner to intermediate routes, there was a party on almost every line. From the top of the cliff you could see the movie set for the Alamo a half mile away with big camera cranes towering above. Climbers we met had seen the space shuttle explode that morning.

That evening we crashed at Paul's pad. He wasn't home, so Seed and I just chilled and read. I read stories from Outside Magazine, including the one that spurred the book Into the Wild, which many have recommended to me.

Sunday we went to the Unitarian church service, then attended "STAND UP!", a political activism rally, where there were a lot a info booths, inspiring music and speakers, including Grandy D, a 93 year old woman who walked across the US to promote campaign finance reform, and she had great things to say about how we need to fight war by changing our own life styles, living consciously, with love in our hearts.

These are some links I picked up at the info booths:

Stop Covert War
Clean Water Action
Gray Panthers
Texas Community Project
Drug Policy Forum of Texas
Common Sense for Drug Policy
Nonmilitary Optioms for Youth
Texas Campaign for the Environment (also: toxicdude.com / computertakeback.com )
TX Cure - for education and advocacy in criminal justice issuses
The Contact Center
International Volunteer Projects

Today, we hung out at Justin's house, then Hunter, the head photographer of Urbanscape Magazine, scanned a dozen slides for me that Pervasive software are buying for their web site and ads. It's the first time I've sold images to a large company, and I expect to get paid well for it. Shad set up the deal for me. I did a show for his people and they picked out the images they liked. It was easy. I've been slack on selling. It's just not where my heart and mind are... so I really need an agent. Wanna be a photo agent? I'll give you a cut. Seriously. If you know anyone who needs images, and you help set up the deal, you'll get a cut of the cash.

Here's some images taken attending The Living Tarot, a show at the Awarehouse, where actors improve the meaning of cards picked from audience member's Tarot readings. Seed was one of the three people picked.