February 19, 2002
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

"Traveler's Dream" is Tom's new song... and it totally resonated with us. It was so fun... we sang it over and over again, and each time it got better as our harmony improved. Music is a groove, and when two or more people are digging it together, it unites them; they are in the same place... on the same level. The vibe created is the essence of our spirit, so we don't cover other people's music.

Dear Max;

I am sorry for bothering you, but I have a question. How did you keep your dream alive? You may be wondering why I am asking this question.The thing is,just like you I have a dream too, but I am having a whole lot of trouble keeping it alive.I might have told you I wanted to go to Australia, and fulfill my dream.The thing is, right now my vision is blury. Its like I am in a fog bank, and I don't know which way I am going.I am also in the '' teen years'', and I feal very imcompetent about myself. I know you are on the edge of your dream, but I am sure you have had the times of being unsure of yourself.How did you get through those times? What made you to keep pressing on?If it is not any trouble could you help me out a little.I know the dream is still there, its just extremely blury. Thank you, once again.

Love always,


1) Clarify your dream... write it down.
2) Make a plan to see how it could be attained.
3) Get stoked: go to the library or a travel agent to borrow videos and books about Australia to give yourself reasons for going-- things you want to see and do when you are there.
4) Start saving now, and look at ways you might be able to make money while traveling.
5) Let people around you know where you want to go. They may have helpful info or connections. Talk to people you know who have been there. Go online to search and chat with folks currently "down under".
6) Make a poster for your bedroom wall-- a collage entitled "Australia" that you will paste together with clippings from magazines or images printed off the web... and draw yourself into the pictures. The idea is to immerse yourself in your dream. Maybe the collage could start with a map of Australia and you could place clippings around it. If you know where the photo was captured, with a piece of string, connect the picture to the location on the map.

Lots of people go to Australia. It's not a big deal to get there. I have a few friends from here touring around there now. I was thinking about going there myself after high school before I decide to do the kayak trip.

You are focused on your dream, and you are taking steps toward it... because you wrote me... so no worries! Just take each day one step at a time, and enjoy the whole journey-- today, tomorrow, the day you get on the plane or boat to go... and the day you return.

Next time you visit the Gypsy Camp, please drop in to grab me first and we'll swing together!

Just found this one.....

"If you do not understand my silence, you would not understand my words"

Ancient Proverb


The final saga:

I agree with my email being on the rude side. I am so surprised in myself for getting so mad! It is typically not my nature. Ask my friend Edith Fluckinger, she will tell you I am a very positive person. I just get so mad when I see people stereotyped, especially when it comes to this topic. I feel that I know so much about both sides of the issue that I get upset when people make comments that are not based on fact. Anyway, I apologize for being rude! I probably should have not commented until I slept on it! As a matter of fact, I am a lover of nature and I give all the glory to God for his beautiful gifts. I kayak, rollerblade, hike and love to be outside as much as possible. My son is the same way. We are vegetarian for humanitarian reasons and are members of many animal rights groups. We are also active in our church. There are other issues that I am very passionate about (e.g. protecting the earth (I'm a member of GreenPeace too!) , abortion, etc.) However, I do consider myself an expert on ADHD. I really do. I will forward you the names and authors of my favorite books and web sights. Thanks for asking!


I was just walking on the beach... and still I was thinking about our interaction. Bad vibes suck. Resolution is good. I look forward to whatever you have to add to my work.

Have fun!