MAX @ School - December 31, 2004 journal

December 31, 2004
Roblito, Nayarit, Mexico

While making hoola-hoops on the back steps of the Parra family's hardware store, a Canadian man came along, headed to the beach. He gave us a lift as far as the dirt road turn off to Roblito. After 20 minutes of walking we crawled into the back of another truck that took us the rest of the way.

There were two party scenes in Roblito new years eve: a disco on a dirt road infront of a wall of speakers, and a pinata infront of Vicky and Gabriele's house. My Spanish okay, but not great; understanding un burracho is hard; add insanely loud music and it is nearly impossible. I wasn't grooven with the dance vibe, cuz everyone was watching, being the only white guy, and I just didn't like the music. I hooped a bit, then Beth and I chilled in the hammock. We got back to Vicky's just after the pinata came down and then we crashed for the night.

The best New Year's eve yet was a couple years ago on the way to Roblito with Seed. We were in Austin, 30 floors up on the roof of a hotel, in a hot tub watching fireworks explode all over the city. Although this New Year's eve wasn't as glamorous, I was stoked to be back in my adopted home of "The Little Oak." I paddled my kayak to this land seeking treasure, thought to be found in the ancient shell mounds, but discovered true wealth in the open hearts of these people, and my life was changed forever.