December 24, 2001
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Letter to Blue Pixy of The Rock:

Pixy... glad to hear you're filled with love and shining bright! I'm feeling good myself. My friend Edith dropped in this morning with a gift for me. She led me into the Gypsy Camp, to the Lookout, and laid down a blanket for us to sit on. She handed me a gift rapped book, The Spyglass, by Richard Paul Evans. It's a story about faith-- and I read it there with her. It was a picture book, with great illustrations, and a simple story that only took ten minutes to read.

Near the end of story, the old traveler who gave the spyglass to the king said, "Faith is the beginning of all journeys. It is by faith that the seed is planted. It is by faith that the foundation is dug. It is by faith that each book is penned and each song is written. Only with faith can we see that which is not, but can be. The eye of faith is greater than the natural eye, for the natural eye sees only a portion of the truth. The eye of faith sees without bounds or limits."

I saw The Lord of the Rings last night. I was with a group of friends, who were all in line in front of me purchasing tickets, and when it came my turn, the cashier said, "Lord of The Rings is now sold out."
"I'll sit on the floor," I returned.
"I don't think...." she started to deny me, so I asked to speak with the manager who stood behind her. He said I'd need to wait till the movie started to see if there were seats. I gave him the Jedi stare and said, "Don't you think that is a little stiff?" He shriveled and immediately told the cashier to let me in.

I laid on the floor, front and center; the screen filled my field of vision. With the magic of fungus, a breath of herbal incense and technological wizardry, I was a hobbit on a journey in the midst of darkness and light. There in the theater, Mr. Tolkien told me "All you have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given you," and "if in doubt, always follow your nose."

My love, positive thinking is were it is at... But there is darkness. Someone sent a virus that deleted my entire computer... including thousands of unpublished images and many journals. All that we own can be taken, except the power of one's mind which can only be given.

Gotta go put up lights on a tree outside for dad, then sit on a cliff over-looking the bay and paint a picture of the beach for mom. This is Christmas-- the example of Jesus-- to show love, to give and make the world better. The challenge is to do it all year long, without the pressure of doing it cuz it's Christmas.

Simplicity.... and peace...