December 10, 2002
Astoria, New York, USA

Its around 4am. I'm experiencing a moment of clarity. All that I have seen in my life has culminated at this point.

We are not fixed objects. We are transforming. Now is the time to realize our power and do something about where we are.

Look into the mirror. Stare into your eyes. Look past the flesh. This is your world. It is a reflection. You make it what it is.

Religion and politics are a collective dream-- an agreement between people. It's all about views.

The world looks different when you are on top. There are great benefits to being on top. Like a climber who seeks an apex... some for personal glory... others for fame... there are those who don't want to bring others up with them. It threatens their peace and piece--- their place in the world... above others.

Being on top makes me feel good. I've climbed many mountains. I'm always looking to get high. Its empowering.

My notebook just flipped open to a photo of me on top a 400-foot cliff in the Cape Breton wilderness. From this point I see nothing else but trees, a river and rocks for miles and miles over mountain tops and mountain tops - not another person or power line. There is freedom to do as I please and the silence is priceless.

Sitting on my knee is a kokopelli been bag doll. I just found it next to me in bed. Kokopelli has a flute and a Mohawk of dreadlocks, and as the story goes... he was a traveler from South America who visited south western USA, where petroglyphs of his likeness remain today. Charmed with talents and good looks, he entertained many ladies. What was his impact on the world? I'm not sure, but he is now a symbol of popular culture. I want to know stories such as his. I want to be an anthropologist.

I want to share the path and bring others up. I have been to the top. It is lonely. Many dare not go, but for me there is no activity more rewarding.

Leave the rat race. Have faith. Higher realities await. Focus your energy. Leave the collective dream. Make a new world for yourself.

Fear not. We all have the same fate. Might as well live. Otherwise you are dead. Don't waste time. Do it now. Set at course-- a mission for yourself. Believe it is your destiny. Make it your destination. All else is a detour.

Many others have walked the path before you, but this journey is yours alone. Learn from those in front of you. No need to make the same mistakes.

Go light. Living simply is the key to make any place your home. Leave it better than you found it and that door will not close.

Plant seeds. Think of hungry mouths to feed. We are all children, young and old, dependant on each other as one family connected to earth--- source of all life. Or is it the sun... and we harvest starlight?

God is a concept that lives in the minds of men. Define "it" what you will. Put "it" into words if you feel the need, but truly we are all dancing around the same fire.

Communion... Community: understand these. Stop. Appreciate where you are. Be aware. Everything exists in this moment. Tap into the power. Seek good spirits.

There are those who want what you have... and those whose power you threaten. Be cautiously mindful. It is the ignorant that are controlled by the powerful. Yours is a battle against ignorance. Arm yourself with information. Power corrupts. Have compassion.

The above is my manifesto of this moment. They are words to encourage me. They are points to focus on. Now I need sleep. I feel better. My thoughts shout out in silence. 31st street outside my window has woken up.