MAX @ School - August 28, 2004 journal

August 28, 2004
Venice Beach, California, USA

11:26am. Brane Village crew have been working all night long here at Delight's place packing the truck for Burning Man-- the most bad ass Action Hero Summer Camp on the planet. We'll be back home in Black Rock City... rockin' the playa by this evening. Yahoooo!!! If you want to track me down, find the huge hammock under the Helix structure in Brane Village, at 7 o'clock between Earth and Jupitor.

I've been sewing costumes at Daryn Songbird's loft for two days solid and feel very pleased with the results. I'm currently wearing a pair of the 3 Thai fishermen's pants I made(one of which Richard paid me $65 to make for him), and I created three different outfits to match each of my totem animals-- the dragonfly, monkey and spider.

I finished work at the LA Arts Academy on Wednesday and let the kids add their touches to my spaceship.