July 27, 1997
Astoria, Oregon, USA

I spent most of the morning practicing my rolls and self rescues in the marina. The last time I Eskimo rolled was a year ago in the lake at my cottage. I was using my brother Joel’s kayak, and I had hazel nuts up my nose. This time I was wearing a scuba mask, and completed the roll successfully on my first try.

I worked on every combination of roll I could think of. I rolled with a mask, and with nose plugs. I rolled without a mask, or nose plugs. I did wet exit and reentries, both with a paddle float, and with sponsons. The practice gave me a lot of much needed confidence.

The following afternoon, Kerri departed for his home 80 miles up the Columbia. I stayed at the marina, and I spent the rest of the afternoon meeting people. I met lots of people. On the second day, I met a guy who offered to give me a lift 25 miles south to Cannon Beach.