April 30, 2002
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Lorne Middle School gave me six students for three mornings to explore photography as a form of expression to manifest self-esteem, and use metaphors such as "getting focused" to encourage setting goals, as well as teaching technical skills to produce exciting results.

We began our learning journey by reading The Spy Glass, by Richard Paul Evans. I asked, "Who would like to start reading first?" No one wanted to, so I did. After reading a page or two, I asked them to pass it around and each read a page. Near the end of the book they were saying, "I want to read next!"

"The spyglass only showed you what could be if you believed, for it was only faith that you and your people lacked."
The King shook his head in disbelief. "How can this be? Faith is foolishness."
"So say the fool." the old man said. "Faith is the beginning of all journeys. It is by faith that the seed is planted. It is by faith that the foundation is dug. It is by faith that each book is penned and each song written. Only with faith can we see which is not, but can be. The eye of faith is greater than the natural eye, for the natural eye sees only a portion of the truth. The eye of faith sees without bounds or limits."