April 13, 2002
Welsford, New Brunswick, Canada

10am. "Ah... I love it!" Chuck exclaimed with a sigh. "People just don't understand the power of nature." We came to climb, but it's too wet. I'm creating a program to take him and his clients on outings like this. He said "Canada is #1 in the world for incarceration of youth," and I want to change that.

9pm. The Secret Garden musical at St. Malachy's High School.

Just wanted to let you know I stumbled on your website this morning and felt compelled to write. Your ceaseless energy and joie de vivre, your desire to contribute to the world through exploring it and yourself, testing your limits (and most likely your sanity at times!) is an inspiration. I have travelled much and have often felt a bit awkward by being in a third world country or in places less fortunate than my worlds (NY and LA) as a sort of young 20's backpacking "tourist" ... you seem to take your personal adventures and really try to use them to contibute to the big picture. I admire that combination. Keep up the website and I'll be checking it periodically for updates!